3am Thoughts

I never thought I would be blogging at 3am but here I am! I couldn’t sleep and my tremors kept waking John up so I’m downstairs on the laptop. So far I have mopped thatI b showitchen floor and watched an episode of Blind Date. Does that show even come on during normal hours anymore?? Quality TV comes on at 3am let me tell you! Before attempting to fall asleep I read a chapter in Captivating that really touched my heart. It really went along with the post I wrote yesterday on the song “Fall.” The part that got me the most was knowing that God is there waiting to help me through these hard times but I’ve got to open the door to let Him. God is not pushy (how many times do you see Jesus chasing people down?) so He continues to knock until we let Him in. Many times we use this verse only in reference to salvation, which is true, but a believer must carry this verse with them throughout his or her Christian life. I have just felt God talking so much through reading, music, and even Dr H. Its time just to let go! I am looking forward to freedom in 2008!

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