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Wednesday Check-in: Down & Dirty #4

I’ll be honest.  I knew today’s weigh-in was not going to be pretty.  Why you ask?  Because I let my pain get the best of me and I drowned my sorrows the past week in ice cream (it was definitely not to my benefit to discover that Moose Tracks was gluten-free).  The past few days I have felt defeated and ignored.  I have yet to get a straight answer from my doctor about whether or not I’m going be continue to be treated or will be referred to CMC.  My fibro meds were lost in the mail (so if I ever doubted as to whether or not Savella was doing its job now I know how big of a difference it makes in lowering pain levels!).  And to top it off, I got my notice in the mail reminding me to set up my appointment for my mammogram.  Perfect.

But I came to a decision yesterday afternoon that I was done.  I was done wallowing.  I was done allowing my emotions to control my eating.  I was done allowing the response (or lack thereof) of others to chart my victory or defeat over chronic illness.  While I can’t force a response from my doctor or the postal service to be 100% accurate, I can continue to be an advocate for myself and my health.  In situations like this, it is not the time to lay down in defeat but to stand up and take charge.

So while my apologies go out to my wonderful teammates, the Outrageous Outlaws, over at the Sisterhood for the gain this week, I can also give my promise that I am not giving up and I will see those numbers drop again!  I am a warrior!

So here are my stats:

Starting weight: 164.4

Challenge Starting Weight: 137.4

Challenge Goal: 132

Last week’s weigh-in: 135
Today’s weigh-in: 137
Change: +2

Challenge Change: -1.4

Overall Change: -27.4

So starting today this is my theme song:

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8 comments on “Wednesday Check-in: Down & Dirty #4

  1. Christy_TheSisterhood says:

    Jamee, you have a great attitude. I’m sorry to hear that your fibro giving so much pain, and the lost meds are terrible. DO stand up for yourself though. You have to take care of YOU, because no one else is going to do it!!!

    I know those 2 pounds will come off, just keep grinding it out, girl!!

  2. April - the Sisterhood says:

    I so understand what it’s like to want to just do something that makes you feel good to take away the pain. What I learned to do is instead of making myself feel better with food, I made myself feel better with other things, like buying new music. I know you’ll get it all figured out! Good luck this week!

  3. Renee says:

    I’m sorry that you are in pain and I hope that you get your meds soon. You have a great attitude, dust yourself off and keep moving forward. Moose Tracks has been my demise on more than one occasion too!

  4. Katie says:

    Good for you! I’ll be praying for you, Jamee.


  5. Horray for a good theme song! Seriously though, we’re all allowed to have off weeks. The good part is you’ve acknowledged it as such– you’re gonna rock it next week!

  6. Tiffany says:

    Boy can I relate to this post… As you saw, I am dealing with med issues too. I so understand wallowing in ice cream…. And I can so understand being fed up and committing to just flipping do something about it. Good for you! Next week will be amazing!

  7. Brooke says:

    i’ve never been quite where you are, but i’ve been low enough to know that wallowing only makes it worse.

    can i borrow your theme song for my tri? when i was training last fall for my half i used “the voice of truth” for my song. this one seems fitting. love that line “fear is just the crutch that turns my dreams into dust.” fear has no place in our lives!!

    • Jamee says:

      You can def borrow it! It keeps me pumped up! I actually emailed Fireflight letting them know how much that song encouraged me after my hysterectomy and I got the nicest email from them! They are an awesome group!


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