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Another week is halfway over!  Woo-hoo!  And I have got a wonderful site to share with you today!  Its and its the home of the Spoon Theory!  This site has everything!  From message boards to product reviews to an online store.  It is also jam-packed with articles covering topics like hobbies, cooking, working from home, and travel.  If you struggle with a chronic illness of any kind, you need to check this site out.  Who hasn’t been told “you don’t look sick” and not wanted to slug someone? was founded by Christine Miserando who is a writer, blogger, speaker and patient advocate from NY.  Here is a snippet of her biography found on the site:  “From the age of fifteen, Christine Miserandino has been diagnosed with a myriad of illnesses from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to Epstein Barr, and finally, many years later to a determination of Lupus. Though battling a shopping list of symptoms, Christine has consistently been told, by both well-wishers and doctors alike, “But you don’t look sick.” as if that was some kind of compensation for being chronically ill. Many times, being pretty or not sickly looking, made it harder to validate an illness you cannot see.”  Thus, the founding of

Still not sold?  You can also find on Facebook!  Just click here!  You can also follow on Twitter or RSS Feeds or go old-school and receive article by email!  Seriously any kind of information you are looking for you can find here!  So check it out!

Have ideas that you would like to share or do you have a website that you would like to be featured?  Contact me at!

2 comments on “Website Wendesday –

  1. Rustin - TheBlogFrog says:

    What a fun website! And what a great idea to share a new website each Wed. Maybe BlogFrog could be Website Wednesday some day?

    I love your blog design. It's very warm.

    Thanks for being an awesome BlogFrog member! Keep in touch,

  2. Holly K says:

    Hi Jamee – I can only imagine how frustrating it must be when people say "but you don't look sick". That would drive me crazy if I had a chronic illness. I found your blog through BlogFrog and wanted to come over and say welcome! I hope you have fun checking out all the new traffic-driving features and especially the expert community Blogstar (you can get all your blogging questions answered). So nice to discover your blog!

    Holly (co-founder TheBlogFrog)


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