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Website Wednesday –

If you have not discovered I highly recommend that you check it out TODAY! The website is packed full of helpful information on topics from coping tools to nutrition to all things beautiful. Where else can find you find links to find beautiful medical alert bracelets? Plus every other Tuesday they send out a “Goodie Bag” packed full of new information and fun links to check out.

Founder and editrix, Jenni Prokopy founded in 2005 shortly after being diagnosed with multiple chronic illnesses herself and saw the need for a place where chronic babes could find support and encouragement as well as helpful information regarding chronic conditions. She founded Chronicbabe with the following mission: “The mission of ChronicBabe is to help young women with chronic illness be their best…to be Babes! We believe that empowerment can be the strongest medicine – that women who feel in control of their lives, despite their health issues, can achieve anything they put their minds to. Our mission doesn’t stop with this web site; founder Jenni Prokopy uses many mediums to spread the ChronicBabe message, including public speaking, articles in consumer and trade magazines, radio and TV appearances, and more.”

The addition to articles, resources, press releases, and newsletters, also has podcasts and a forum where babes can chat! I cannot mention enough positive things about this website! If you are looking to a find a place of encouragement and support, look no further than!

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  1. ChronicBabe says:

    hey jamee! thanks so much for the awesome endorsement! your site is great and i especially love the fun design. looking forward to seeing you around the blogosphere! 🙂 jenni


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