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Very Helpful Tool!

While I was browsing my ChronicBabe Goodie Bag the other week, I came across the BlueHealer Diary.  Of course I was very intrigued so I had to try it out!  It came in quickly after ordering and I have to agree that this is a VERY helpful tool!  I think that it will make visits with my rheumotologist very easy as I will be able to show a daily calendar mapping out my pain levels.  There is a section of body maps where you can document where you pain is on any given day.  The calendar section has slots for daily to-do’s with sections for work, home, and kids as well as slots for daily meals, exercise, pain levels, and notes.  There are also places to list medications, recent tests/screening plus results, and health history.  If you are looking to become a little more organized and not carry around five different calendars or journals of sorts, I highly recommend that you check this out!  Also, if you don’t currently subscribe to ChronicBabe I would do that too while you are at it!  Very helpful newsletters!

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