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Updates to Sharing Our Spoons

Since I’ve been in and out a lot this summer I have had some time to do some thinking about Sharing Our Spoons. Mainly ways to enhance and broaden the scope.

I still love the concept behind Sharing Our Spoons (SOS) and think its important to continue to set goals and encourage ourselves to take care of ourselves holistically. The only thing I plan to tweak with the SOS Goals check-ins will be changing them from weekly to monthly. I think the weekly check-ins can add unnecessary pressure so I think moving to monthly check-ins will alleviate some of that but still provide motivation to work toward our goals. SOS Goals check-ins will occur the first Tuesday of the month beginning September 4th. If you are new to SOS and would like to join in, you can check out the Sharing Our Spoons tab for more details!

Another feature that will be added to the Sharing Our Spoons series will be biweekly interviews with fellow spoonies! I hope this will provide a platform for others to share their stories, teach us all a little about what they have learned on their journey, and enhance our community. You do not have to be a blogger nor do you need to participate in the monthly SOS Goals check-ins in order to be interviewed! Interviews will be posted the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month starting in September! If you would like to be interviewed and share your story (or you know someone who might), please email me at anewkindofnormal (at) gmail (dot) com and use Sharing Our Spoons Interviews in the subject line!

The last additional feature will be a Sharing Our Spoons Link Love post that will be published on the 3rd Tuesday of the month that will contain links to new medical news or other articles related to chronic illness, favorite blog posts, and some fun links (ahem, pinterest love anyone?)! Feel free to forward me any links that you think would be great additions to the list through email, twitter, or Facebook!

What are your thoughts on the updates?

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3 comments on “Updates to Sharing Our Spoons

  1. betsy says:

    love this idea Jamee – the weekly was hard for me even though it’s how i try to live my life anyway! i think i only posted once 🙁

  2. Dragon says:

    This sounds absolutely great and with the check ins monthly now I will be able to participate now. Weekly was too much pressure for me when my weekly “To-Do” lists average about 39 items already! And the interviews/stories sound great!


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