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If I Had A Day with Unlimited Spoons.


My family and I just returned from a week away for the Thanksgiving holiday and as glorious as it was, the reminder that no matter where I was, my illness was a challenge was still present. It was cold and poured rain the first four days of the trip which of course set off my fibromyalgia. When we went out for activities, I had to carefully plan my spoons as to not overdo it and be out of commission the rest of the trip. I did rock my new wheels (I added these super cute silver rose hubcaps!)  and had some fun outlet shopping! The travel home was probably the worst. My body had had enough by that point when sent me into a flare and a massive migraine when landed me at the ER yesterday morning. A nice welcome back to reality, huh?

So when I read the prompt to describe what you would do with unlimited spoons, my mind quickly began dreaming! With unlimited spoons I would:


Go shopping with my mom

Theme park it up and ride as many roller coasters as I could stand

Go for a nice long run with my dogs

Take a hike with John and Abby to see the waterfalls

Enjoy a romantic night out with my husband

Hang out in bed just to be lazy

And if I could have a day without Celiac? There would definitely be a trip to Krispy Kreme on the schedule!

If you could have a day with unlimited spoons, what would you do?

For more information on the term “spoons” in relation to chronic illness, please check out The Spoon Theory!

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7 comments on “If I Had A Day with Unlimited Spoons.

  1. I would fly to Barcelona to see friends, have a nice day on the beach (in the sun) with lunch and vino, then take a rest, have a long dinner with everyone and spend the rest of the night until 5am dancing. *Sigh* This is what my life used to be like before my lupus took hold.

  2. The best part of such a day would be knowing that I would get to have it. Or at least, that it would not be changed at the last minute because of my body’s malfunctions. I planned a super-lowkey Thanksgiving, and still spent 3 hours of it completely out of commission (passed out in a dark room) because a migraine that my meds didn’t touch decided to strike. (Probably because the previous two days were not low-key.)

    • Jamee says:

      I completely understand what you mean! I hated the fact that on vacation I had to carefully plan out our activities to be sure I didn’t overdo it on any particular day and end up flaring the rest of the trip! It is probably the toughest adjustment I’ve had to make with chronic illness!

  3. rachelmeeks says:

    Great list. 🙂 It’s fun to think about stuff like that. I think I’d like a second honeymoon on my unlimited spoon day.

  4. Lindsay says:

    Sorry you went to the hospital – on my unlimited spoon day – no one will ever get sick again – Isaiah 33:24.


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