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My Hospital Saga

As hard as it is to believe, my sweet Abby turned 3 on Friday! It feels like I no longer have a baby but a little girl instead! This weekend was supposed to be a weekend of family fun and celebration and it was for the most part therefore there will be a separate post for all of that! The not-so-good part of the weekend hit last night.

We spent our afternoon at the Merry-Go-Round Festival at our local park. We had so much fun! I did quite a bit of walking so I was prepared for the possibility of a flare as a result. Around 7pm, the pain definitely started to escalate but it wasn’t the type of pain I was expecting. I was prepared for more joint/muscular pain instead of the intense cramping, stabbing pain. I had to call John home from a local concert he was attending as I was starting to dry heave.

He took over giving Abby her bath while I took my pain medication and tried to lay down. The pain got so intense that I knew by 9:30 that I needed to go to the ER. John started packing Abby a bag to head over to church friends who are practically family. While he packed, I wrote down a list of all my prescribed medications and threw on some sweatpants.

We were taken back to a room at the ER around 10pm. The pain was if someone was stabbing me on my left side where my ovary would be and then cutting straight across. My body just have tensed up from the pain enough to cause a migraine. First thing the nurse did was to take blood and prepare an IV. I was thanking my lucky stars when she was able to get my vein first try (although it took her a few minutes to find one).

So we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Finally the doctor came in around midnight. He was a major hottie. Me-ow! Definitely a perk of the visit. My husband just rolled his eyes at me.

They had gotten the first round of test results back and he diagnosed me with pancreatitis. He was a little puzzled that the location of my pain wasn’t centered near my pancreas but more lower ab/pelvic but he felt sure of the diagnosis and felt the ab/pelvic pain was the result of chronic pain due to my history with endo.

Following the diagnosis, they finally gave me some pain medicine through my IV so immediately my pain levels began to drop. The only setback was it made me itch something awful. The first round of benedryl didn’t work so I ended up with a shot in my butt which thankfully took it away.

At 2:40am, we were finally able to head home with orders to contact my doctor first thing Monday morning and a presciption for a different type of pain medicine to get me through until then. I questioned the staff to be sure that it would be allowed being a pain clinic patient (which has a different set of rules) but being a Saturday and in the middle of the night, they said it would be fine. Considering we had been there almost 5 hours, I didn’t question as we were beyond exhausted. I am pretty sure we were both asleep within 2 minutes of our heads hitting our pillows!

Pain had returned this morning so I took the one pill they had sent home with me and John took my prescription to the pharmacy to get filled. Then we got the call. Because I’m a patient at the pain clinic, the pharmacy was required to call the ER for further clarification and for approval to fill but the new ER doctor on duty would not authorize the prescription so it had to be shredded. Talk about frustrating. I understand in theory why the system is the way it is but it didn’t make it any easier.

Until tomorrow at 8am, I will be striving to just make due until one of my doctors’ offices opens and my soap opera ER sage can continue.

Hospital soap opera saga

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5 comments on “My Hospital Saga

  1. Yuck! I’m so sorry to hear this. At least the doc was hot?

  2. Life As Wife says:

    That is such a bummer! I know when my husband was a patient at a pain clinic everyone always treated him like a drug dealer. They counted his pills and all kinds of other degrading things. I get the concerns but it was so frustrating.

    Hope you get some relief!

  3. Vicky says:

    So sorry! Sounds awful…well, I am praying for you. It is 12:17am on Monday Morning in Alabama, so I hope whereever you are, Monday morning a tthe doctor’s office comes quickly! Thinking of you, sweetie!

    Vicky @ sleeping in an unmade bed

  4. Annabelle says:

    Yikes! Sorry you’re having to deal with yet more issues. I hope they resolve it quickly so you can get back to enjoying your little girl.

  5. So sorry to hear what you’re going through Jamee. I pray that you find relief SOON. You are in my prayers.


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