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Today’s Vent

I posted this on the nest but felt like it needed to be restated:

Does anyone else just get sick & tired of the stereotypes that our society has created? For example, I am just sick and tired of the mold that people expect me to fit just because I am a preacher’s wife. Hell will freeze over 7 times before I sport a jumper and a bun. But everyone expects me to fry chicken and be a doormat. It’s just sad!! Why don’t people see that being a Christian doesn’t mean that life is boring and you have no personality? I believe that living for Christ should be fun & exciting! Wearing dark nail polish and sporting a spikey ‘do are just outlets of my personality. I think that somewhere throughout history we have created this idea that within Christianity everyone must look alike & talk alike & its just not true! Diversity is a beautiful thing! Why can’t the church accept that? I hope that with our children that DH & I can expose them to as much as we can and show them that following Christ means more than being a stiff in a pew on Sunday mornings. I am not sure where I am going with this but I just needed to let it out. I guess I’m just sick on benig looked down on or thought of as some flaming wild woman because I don’t fulfill the ideal image that people want me to.

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