chronic illness

Still chuggin’

Slowly but surely I am gaining strength back. Dr. H was absolutely correct in saying that the more active I get, the more sore I will feel. But I know its a “good” sore as it means I’m healing & getting stronger. I have had a really good week hanging out with my mom but I will be glad to see John come home on Saturday! He’s had an event-filled week at Camp Carolina Trail but I’m sure he will be glad to sleep in a bed again instead of a bunk. I am trying to plan for the next couple weeks. John will return to work full-time when he returns so I will have the house to myself. I would like to start working from home soon but John really wants to me not work the entire six weeks. I think that I will wait until July 1to start working from home as it marks the beginning of the new fiscal year at work & I will really have a lot to do! Hopefully soon I will be able to start exercising soon and start eating healthier so I can be on my way to being a happy & healthy mommy!

I love hearing from you!

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