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Sharing Our Spoons

“Sharing Our Spoons” will be a weekly link-up where you are able to find support and encouragement to focus on your entire health. Not just physical but all of you. For this link-up you will be able to choose holistic goals to help you achieve optimal health. The five goals include:

  1. Physical: could be weight loss or exercise related or it could be goals like eating more veggies or cutting soda
  2. Mental/Emotional: take a day to be alone, write a letter, paint, etc
  3. Spiritual: start a new devotional book, commit a certain amount of time a day for prayer/meditation
  4. Something fun: Take time to treat yourself – maybe a pedicure or Starbucks (if you don’t typically splurge for specialty coffee)
  5. BONUS: One thing to get you out of your comfort zone a week – try something new, sign up for a class you maybe have been putting off.

Here is how I did this last week:

  • Physical: Take a 10-15 minute walk (at a slow pace) every day
    at least 5 times this week. FAIL.
  • Mental: New goal is to send 3 “just because” letters this week! FAIL.
  • Spiritual: Start new Bible study called Walking by Faith by Jennifer Rothschild. FAIL.
  • Something Fun: I want to continue to play around with a book I just purchased that has hair style ideas for Abby! Finally I can say done! This was really fun! Here are styles that I have tried:

Styling biracial hair


  • Challenge: My challenge goal this week will be to plan out the next 2 weeks of posts. Another fail. Pulling out all of my Content Brew handouts.

Its pretty sad that I completed only 1 of 5 this past week. Recovery definitely had something to do with it. Not using it as a crutch, more of a reality. I head back to work on Monday so I will likely be laying low this week. Pain has definitely declined. Fatigue and nausea are still kicking my butt so hopefully the Zofran my surgery called in and a lot of resting will help get me ready for back to work!

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4 comments on “Sharing Our Spoons

  1. Dragon says:

    Zofran is awesome. Have used it in previous surgeries and my doc just prescribed it to me as my new “go to” nausea drug to keep me functional until my medical assistance is approved, then I can get all my GI tests redone and hopefully some relief.

    • Jamee says:

      Zofran has definitely helped! The only stinky thing is that my insurance will only pay for 12 tablets at a time which is why my GI prescribed the phegergen so I could have a steady supply but man, does the Zofran do a better job! Hopefully your medical assistance is approved soon!

  2. Kim says:

    You will get there. You have been though a lot in the last couple of weeks, so don’t be hard on yourself. Hopefully the Zofran will work and you will be able to get though the next week a lot easier! Still sending healing hugs!
    p.s. As a mom and aunt of boys, I cant help but ooh and ahhh over a hair book 🙂 So much fun!!

    • Jamee says:

      Thanks Kim! Zofran has definitely helped! I’m still not able to tolerate much as far as food goes but it has made a big difference!


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