Introducing Secret Support Sisters

A Chronic Illness Sisterhood of Support

Several weeks ago I received a package of goodies in the mail from my great friend and Blogging for Endo partner-in-crime, Diane. It completely made my day! When you are used to receiving a mailbox full of insurance statements, medical bills, and disability correspondences, a little box full of lip gloss, makeup, and other goodies can completely change your entire demeanor for the day! After sending a huge thank you, she and I chatted about how encouraging it is to have a supportive sister who knows what you are going through, can say “I understand” and really mean it, and can give you support and advice like no one else. Finding a box full of goodies in your mailbox is a great pick-me-up any day but to also have that box filled with words of comfort, hope, and inspiration from a fellow chronic illness warrior is just icing on the cake. Out of this discussion, the Secret Support Sisters project was born.

The goal of the Secret Support Sisters project is to connect participants with fellow chronic illness warriors, provide a fun and interactive means of support and encouragement, and strengthen the online chronic illness community network.

The requirement for participating in Secret Support Sisters is to send your “sister” one encouragement package a month. This package does not have to be extravagant as we are well aware of the budget constraints that often accompany illness. A suggested guideline to consider would be $10-$15 for items and pack in a small flat rate box (roughly ~$5.80).

While only one encouragement package a month is required, we encourage you to send other forms of support as often as you like, such as letters or cards. E-cards would  also be an easy and free way to send some words of inspiration and hope as often as you’d like!

Sign-ups will run the month of September but sign-ups will CLOSE on September 27. This will allow time to organize all of the participant information and match up participants. You will be matched on October 1st and you will be required to send one encouragement package each month of October, November, and December! We thought the holiday season would be an awesome time to kick off this project! Theme packages for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are easy and fun ideas (as well as the abundance of fun and affordable goodies available during this holiday season!) but of course creating a themed box is not a necessity. You can be as creative as you’d like with each package! In January sign-ups will open back up for the next cycle and participants will be assigned a new match! Unsure whether or not you want to participate? Sit out the first round by observe how it is going and if you like what you are seeing, jump on board in January for the next cycle! Having a blast during the first cycle? Tell everyone you know to sign up  for the next go-round!

Please note: to be fair to all participants, please do not sign up unless you can commit to sending an encouragement package all three months of the project cycle. We chose to run cycles of three months to make committing to the project less of a financial burden. Each package should be sent so that it is delivered to recipient by the last day of the month.

Signups for the first round of Secret Support Sisters is closed but will kick off again January 2014! If you have signed up for the first round, you will receive an email with your match the first week of October!


Can’t wait to get this project started! Please help spread the word to make this an awesome event and avenue to strengthen the community!

I love hearing from you!

  1. thinking about what I can commit to, but such a lovely idea. I may be missing it, but since folks are in pairs and sending/receiving from the same partner plus corresponding, what is the “secret” part?

    • You are not paired up so you will not be sending to the same person you will be receiving an encouragement package from. The only time that would happen would be if there were only two international participants and there were not others open to shipping internationally.

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  3. I just remembered that I had signed up for this. Have we yet sent out Secret Sister info? No rush just wanting to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. Thank you so much for this I am really looking forward to it.

    • You have definitely not missed anything! I am waiting on a few ladies to get back to me with missing information and then we will be ready to go! I am hoping to get the matches emailed out this weekend! I am so excited!

  4. Darn it! Did I miss this opportunity? I just now saw this post and would LOVE to be a part of it. Is there still time or the opportunity to add a straggler?

  5. I’m so bummed I just found this. Definitely signing up for the January round. Going to get my sister to sign up, too!

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