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Quick biopsy update . . .

Since my EGD/colonoscopy on the 15th, I have been anxiously awaiting biopsy results. They ended up not taking any colon biopsies but took several upper GI.  So I just got a call from the Doc’s assistant.  There were some signs of reflux (no big shock) but she said that the biopsy of the ileum showed the markers of Celiac Disease.  Definitely not what I was expecting.  I had thought that had they found anything from these procedures that it would have been something colon related (which I guess it some ways this is).  I have previously researched Celiac just as an option to explore when we couldn’t pinpoint the source of my pain and symptoms.  Several years ago (at least 5) they did the blood test but it came back negative but there were no signs during my first EGD/colonoscopy (though honestly I don’t think they even took any upper GI biopsies).  So I go back on May 3rd for a follow up to discuss the results and for more tests.  While I will be glad if this provides answers (super glad actually) I am a bit sad as Celiac requires a major diet overhaul which makes things like eating out difficult.  But if it makes me better, I will do what I have to do!

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