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Overwhelmed by kindness

When I checked my blog I was overwhelmed by the kind and encouraging words left by so many of you! My eyes teared up and my heart was full of emotion! I would never have imagined having the kind of support network that God has provided me with and that I would have so many women, many of whom I have never met, praying for me and encouraging me in so many ways! So in the words of Paul, I thank God upon every rememberance of all of you ladies who mean so much to me! (Phil 1:3)

I am doing much better today. I went to the doctor this morning because I thought I had a UTI but the test came back negative and everything looked great! So that is good but I’m still unsure about some of the pain I’ve been feeling. I’m not sure what is “normal” with healing from a hysterectomy and what I should be worried about. Especially after all of the scar tissue that they found, I am worried that I will end up with complications due to scar tissue. Like I know that my intestines are not attached the way that they are suppose to be and they had adhered to my uterus at the point of surgery, so what will keep them from adhering to my pelvic/abdominal wall? I know part of the worry comes from dealing with chronic illness for 5 years and I really REALLY want to be positive and know that that part of my life is over and a new endo-free chapter of life is about to begin but it’s hard. So I’m just giving it up to God because I know He is in control and that He has it all planned out!

I love hearing from you!

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