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New FDA approved drug for Fibromyalgia

As I was flipping throug this month’s issue of Self I noticed an ad for Cymbalta and it stated that Cymbalta is now approved by the FDA for fibro treatment.  Before this I knew that anti-depressants were used for fibro (that’s why I am on one) but wasn’t quite sure of why it was suppose to help fibro.  Obviously the FDA doesn’t know either as the ad clearly stated there was no known reason why Cymbalta helps fibromyalgia.  It just does.  So I don’t necessarily know if this is a good thing.  Doctors push pills, esp anti-depressents, with fibro patients (or any chronic pain patient) so I guess we will see if Cymbalta is the next “miracle drug” for fibromyalgia patients (right behind Lyrica of course).

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