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One of My Favorite Things

One of the prompts for the week is to share non-health related item that greatly improves your life and I had a hard time choosing but I will have to go with my lovely tablet!

My trusty side-kick is my Acer Iconia tablet! It pretty much goes everywhere with me. I love that the portability and functionality without the bulk of a laptop. It is great for flares and came in especially handy when I was in the hospital! I use it for web browsing, blog reading, watching movies, and of course social networking! I love the wide selection of apps available on the Android market! My husband has been turned to the Fruit-based side after winning an iPad at a conference but I still enjoy the Android operating system and market.

My top 5 apps at the moment are:

1-Google Reader: Such an easy way to keep up with my favorite blogs!

2-Hootsuite: I love being able to keep up with multiple social media profiles (including twitter and facebook) using one application

3-Pinterest: Hello? What is not to love?

4-Manage My Pain: I recently discovered this pain diary app and found it pretty easy to use to track symptoms and pain levels! It even creates a report that make it easy to spot patterns and share information with your doctor. The have the free Lite version and the Pro version for $3.99

5-Temple Run: Brave: Sometimes you need a brain break but I will warn you – it is very addicting!

All in all, it is definitely one of my favorite gadgets that makes life a little bit easier! Did I mention how awesome it is when trying to occupy a 3 year old?

If you had to pick one non-health related item that helps improve your life what would you choose?

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2 comments on “One of My Favorite Things

  1. Elizabeth says: is something I love, it helps me track my spending as I am married to a saver! I also love the “Let’s Create Pottery” app for my android, it is a fun creative game that the kids enjoy just as much as I do.

  2. Jeannee says:

    In general, yes, it’s my computer – it connects me to others and also fills me in on information … I can distract myself from pain episodes with all kinds of videos on here! I can even go shopping this way, if I’m not able to get out and about.


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