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My Future Doctor


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I was so excited to be a part of this link up! My only struggle was narrowing done which one I wanted to use but since this week’s “theme” has been doctor and surgery prep I knew exactly which one to use!

Abby is no stranger to doctors’ offices and medical devices having 2 spoonie parents. Hubs is Type 1 diabetic and wears an insulin pump so she calls it his medicine. Thankfully there haven’t been any mishaps such as his site being oulled out but we did catch herself last night trying to check her sugar like Daddy!

I don’t have any medical equipment but if you ask her what is next to my bed she says “Mommy’s medicine.” I know she doesn’t completely understand when I tell her that I am having surgery this week because my “belly is sick” and will be in the hospital but she knows something is about to happen. She has been stuck to my side like glue and has been even more affectionate than usual (which I am soaking up). Two nights ago when we were talking about my belly, she stopped what she was doing, thought a minute, and then proceeded to lift up my shirt so she could kiss my belly and make it better. She followed it with a hug around the neck before running off to play.

I’m not sure what recovery is going to be like with a 2 year old in the house, especially since I will be on lifting restrictions for weeks! But this I do know – I will have the best post-op care available!

dr abby

This is a picture of Abby providing excellent care to Charlie! Her Elmo doctor’s kit is one of her favorite toys so we may just have a future doctor on our hands!


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3 comments on “My Future Doctor

  1. Andrea says:

    She is a precious doctor! I keep candy and games in my bedroom post surgery to encourage visits with my kiddos (granted, they are older and candy isn’t very PC!). God is using your experiences to shape Abby into who He wants her to be-compassionate, caring, helping those in need. Plus, we Spoonie moms get cute stories to tell! When mine were little (2, 8 and 9) they would play “drive-thru pharmacy” with the toddler car. Drawing from a menu of President’s names, they would make up characters. How funny is it to hear from a 2-year-old “I am Mr. Lincoln and I am here to get my estrogen”?! Enjoy your sweet girl, and remember that you can use a care calendar to set up playdates while you recover!

  2. Erin {Shortcut to Bliss} says:

    They are so sweet at this age! Such explorers… It is funny the way children act out the things that are going on in their life.


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