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Made an appointment

I have an appointment to see my doctor on Tuesday (Mar 18) to discuss the sudden resurgence of pain and to discuss options. I tried to do some research on my own as far as acupuncture but thanks to living in BFE, there aren’t any within an hours drive. Lucky me! We do have a pain clinic in network but I don’t want to stay drugged all the time either. Last night I was in bed by 7pm. The pain and cramps have already started up this morning and I can feel all of my energy begin to drain. Last night as I laid in bed before falling asleep and thought is this was all that my life was going to consist of. Fighting to survive work only to come home and go straight to bed. What kind of wife is that? I want to be there for John sooo much and I am blessed with the most compassionate and understanding man but I know it has to hurt him more than he lets on. It just makes me so sad! I just want to be healthy!

I love hearing from you!

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