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Love is the Best Medicine


When my husband and I said our vows six and a half years ago, we did not realize that there would be more sickness than health. We also didn’t realize that we would spend our first three anniversaries either recovering from surgery or preparing for one. Chronic illness has definitely challenged our relationship as well as our faith. There are days where one or both of us are frustrated, or even angry, at our situation. We have had to relearn how to communicate. We have also had to relearn how to plan (or unplan) our schedules to accommodate flares.  We have had to relearn how to make intimacy work in our relationship because of pain. We have had to change, relearn, and reevaluate many things in our lives during the last six and a half years but the one thing that has never changed is my husband’s love and support.


One of the writing prompts for this week was to write about a situation where you feel loved. Of course it would be natural to say I feel loved every day because I do. Not a day goes by where my husband doesn’t tell me that he loves me or that I am beautiful (I am a really lucky girl, I know!). But there are moments that show his love for me beyond words. Each time he alters his schedule so that he can be sure to go to my doctors’ appointment, I am reminded of his love for me. Each time he speaks up at an appointment to be my advocate, I am reminded of his concern for my well-being. Each time he reminds me that I am more than my illness, I am reminded of his commitment to our marriage.


The perfect illustration of this love and concern occurred several weeks ago.  I had been back to work but a couple weeks following my surgery and I was still getting adjusted to my new treatment. I was still dealing with quite a bit of pain and work had been stressful.  I was so tired – physically and mentally – so he planned an evening of relaxation. When I arrived home from work, he had candles lit in our bedroom, the covers turned down, and NCIS in the DVD player. He planned to take Abby out so I could have some quite time. Its the little moments like this that mean the world to me.


So this Thanksgiving – and everyday – I am incredibly thankful for my husband who makes me feel so loved and so cherished. We have just celebrated ten years together and I cannot wait for the years to come as I know he will be by my side!

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7 comments on “Love is the Best Medicine

  1. C.C. @ I'm On My Way ~ my journey as a Christ follower, wife, mamma, and fibromyalgia fighter says:

    I could have written so much of this myself. “In sickness” defines way too much of our marriage as well. Praying for you twin! <3 you!

  2. Andrea (Lil-Kid-Things) says:

    This is so beautiful. I was truly moved reading about how your husband cares for you. Thank you for sharing.

  3. cheryl says:

    LOVE that he had candles out and they were for YOU…not with, ummm, other romantic motives. when my BF drew me a bath on V-day with rose petals to the bath and on the ledge, lavendar salts, and a pillow towel, i was impressed. i was MORE impressed when he said he’d be in the kitchen and to holler when he should start my omlette…..cause it wasn’t a “bath with a motive” at all, it was purely to pamper me. your husband sounds similar….and they are rare so we’re lucky girls.

    • Jamee says:

      Yes yes yes! I mean I like some romance with other motives but to know that he did this for no other reason that to help me relax and feel better makes me feel so pampered and cared for! He says he always feels helpless to help me with my illness but he doesn’t realize just how much these little things mean to me!

  4. Missy@The Domesticated Diva says:

    So heartwarming! I always tell my husband that he helps me understand God’s love for me even better, because I really think that marriage is supposed to be an example of God’s love.

    • Jamee says:

      Exactly! Between being a wife and a mother, I have such a clearer pictures of God’s love and what baffles me is that as much love as I feel from Abby & from John it is only a fraction of the love that God has for me! That is completely baffling and amazing at the same time!


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