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There is a show on A&E called Intervention.  I had seen some previews for it but never watched the show until today.  In my snowed-in boredom, I found myself flipping channels and I happened to stop on A&E just as the show began.  This particular episode was about a young lady (probably around my age – yes I still consider myself young – lol – on most days!) and she had rheumatoid arthritis and was addicted to pain killers.  Maybe this particular episode hit closer to home, but I had to finish watching it and had John watch it will me.  The show follows her day to day for several days before the actual intervention.  I truly felt for her as I know what its like to be in pain  And I also know how tempting it is to find whatever way possible to try to forget the pain regardless of the cost.  Chronic pain definitely puts these thoughts in your heads.  Thankfully I have never put myself in the position of taking too many painkillers but I know the temptation. 

I was really wondering how the doctors would approach the situation with her family and her during the intervention itself.  Before the young woman was brought into the room, the doctors met with her family and I was so impressed with what they said.  They told her family, “B has rheumatoid arthritis.  Her pain is real and it hurts.  Without living with these disease, you have no idea what it feels like to be inside her skin therefore we cannot say that we know what it is like and what decisions we would make.”  I wanted to stand up and cheer.  Granted, she honestly had a true addiction but she was also honestly hurting as well and I was very impressed with how her family, the doctor and the counselor handled the intervention.  With TV shows you never really know.  I thought they were just going to show up and her door and throw her in a hospital van and take her away.  Instead they brought her into a safe environment and started with love.  Thankfully, she agreed to treatment and the doctors were able to find better ways to treat her RA.  It was also found that she had Lyme Disease so she was able to receive treatment for that as well. 

Sometimes you never know what you may find when you are flipping the channels and how it may impact and touch your own life.

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