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Inspiring Bloggers & Health Activists

HAWMC Day 14 prompt: Thank a few of your fellow health activists for what they have done.

As I have said numerous times, words cannot express my gratitude for the support and encouragement I have found through the online health community. Through the blogging and twitter community, I have been able to meet some amazing people and develop friendships that I cherish very deeply. I continue to be inspired by fellow warriors tenacity and dedication to stay positive in spite of illness and to do everything they can to raise awareness and educate about their illnesses.

If I were to list every blogger that has had an impact on my life, I would be writing for weeks. These are just a handful of activists that continue to make a difference not only in my life but in the online community:

Chronically Creative: I had the opportunity to “meet” Emily several years ago and I continue to be inspired by her faith and her positive outlook on life. Her baking posts make me drool all over my keyboard so if you are really hungry, you may want to grab a snack before visiting her site! Her mission in blogging is to “live creatively in spite of illness and hope to empower and encourage you to live a creative life whatever your circumstances” which I love. She runs a Random Acts of Blogging Kindness program which is amazing and I have been personally blessed through this ministry that she has created! She truly has a heart for others and her love of Christ is evident in all that she does.


Felicia Fibro – Life with Fibromyalgia, Empowered – Felicia’s blog is not only a great source of inspiration, it is a great source for resources about living a full life in spite of fibromyalgia. She has created a great list of resources for those newly diagnosed with fibro and I have referenced her blog several times for tips for traveling which are helpful for anyone with chronic illness. She is a huge advocate for fibromyalgia patients and stays on top of research and developments in treatments. She is such a source of encouragement and has helped support me through challenging moments in my journey.

Hope Whispers – I had the honor of crossing paths with Kim several years ago and she has been such a blessing. She is always quick to offer a word of comfort and support. She has Budd Chiari Syndrome which is a rare liver disorder and is currently waiting for a liver transplant. Through her story, my eyes have been opened to everything involved in the transplant process and while I have always been an organ donor, her story and her advocacy has made it more personal and that much stronger of a decision.

The Diane Story –  I would not have been able to pull off this year’s Blogging for Endometriosis Awareness campaign without the help of Diane! She is a huge advocate for endometriosis awareness as well as chronic illness awareness in general. She has a strong faith and shares a passion to find a way to glorify God in spite of illness!

If you were asked to pick two bloggers to be recognized for their efforts to raise awareness and advocate for chronic illness, who would you name?


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3 comments on “Inspiring Bloggers & Health Activists

  1. Awwww, you made me cry! Thank you for your sweet words dear friend. Much love!!!!

  2. FeliciaFibro says:

    Jamee! Thanks for those kind words! It means so much to me that you included me, despite me posting less while getting the hang of this whole parenting thing. You encourage me as well and have been on my mind a lot lately.

  3. Diane says:

    Jamie! I’m just now catching up on your posts and saw this. Thank you SO much. You just made my night. Going to sleep with a smile now. You have touched my life and I hope to know you better in time. Thanks for all you do! Many blessings my friend.


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