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Health Activist Award Nomination

Every year WeGo Health hosts Health Activist Awards as a chance to honor those who are committed to online health communities and making a difference by raising awareness about health and wellness and the nominations for 2012 are open! There are a wide variety of categories including Best In Show (Blog, Community, Facebook, Vlog), Health Activist Hero Award, Silver Stethoscope Award, or Ms/Mr Congeniality Award!

I would like to nominate Felicia Fibro: Life with Fibromyalgia, Empowered! for the Best in Show Award! I have had the honor of getting know know this amazing warrior through blogging and Twitter and I cannot think of anyone more deserving!

Over at, you will find a wealth of knowledge, support, and, like her blog title suggests, empowerment. Life with fibromyalgia is a challenge but it doesn’t mean that we cannot continue to enjoy a fulfilling and meaningful life! I love that her posts include her personal journey with fibro, great tips and advice for daily life, and up-to-date medical news and research. She is very involved in the health community and has created a community to share that knowledge with others.

These are a couple links to give you a peek:

I think I could spend hours digging through the archives! Be sure to check her out!


If you know someone who you thinks deserves to be honored for his or her work in the online health community, be sure to stop by WeGo Health and nominate! The process is super easy and will take only a minute or two of your time!


What is one of your favorite blogs for staying encouraged for life with chronic illness?

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I love hearing from you!

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