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Guest Health Activist: Meet Bola!

For day 15 of the HAWMC, WeGo Health paired up participants to guests on each other’s blogs! I was very excited when I saw this prompt! I love meeting other bloggers and giving them a chance to share their story and teach us a thing or two about keeping hope in spite of illness here at A New Kind of Normal! I was paired up with Bola who blogs over at! You can also find her on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook! Please give her a warm welcome and be sure to check out her blog! 


Last year at the end of the 2012 Blog Challenge, I told Wego Health that it would be nice to have a prompt which required each Health Activist to interact with other participants in some way. So, when I had the option of doing just that this year, I jumped at the opportunity. I even requested to be paired with a blogger who has fibromyalgia!

My name is Bola and I am on the verge of recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. CFS and Fibromyalgia are different manifestations of the same underlying condition (hypothalamic dysfunction) so I wanted to be paired with someone who was experiencing the other end of CFS/FMS. In addition to having this condition in common with Jamee, my situation was triggered by surgery for fibroid tumors which tend to occur for the same reasons as endometriosis and sometimes even occur together.
I really, really don’t like the fact that I’ve been unwell for eight years. But, facing this has brought many things into my life that I wouldn’t give up:
1. My intuition as well as my daily sense of my spiritual connection have been turned way up.
2. Despite my longstanding commitment to my emotional health, there are certain things I would probably have left under the rug if my health situation hadn’t made the stakes higher e.g. certain truths about my childhood.
3. Blogging!
I grew up in Britain and Nigeria then settled in the San Francisco Bay Area where I’ve had a marketing career in Silicon Valley. Unlike Jamee, I am single and I am looking forward to building a family at a level that I would never have known how to do before the earthquake that CFS brought into my life. Actually, I’m inspired by the way that Jamee has paid attention to her family life despite her health challenges.
I literally don’t know which direction I’m going to take tomorrow and I find the uncertainty challenging. But even as everything I expected to lean on has fallen away, love has come into my life in all sorts of stunning, unexpected ways. I’ve come to the conclusion that John Lennon really was right when he sang about love being all we need.
Thank you very much for having me here on A New Kind of Normal!
Thank you for sharing your story with us Bola! Be sure to check out her blog RealityNibs today where I will be sharing about my journey with endometriosis!


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