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Got 2nd Opinion

I just got back from seeing a new neurologist to get a second opinion on these headaches I’ve been having. The doctor was very thorough and listened to everything that I’ve had to say. He said that my symptoms match what is called “left greater optic neuralgia” which basically means I’ve got a pinched nerve in the back of my head so as my muscles tense up, the nerve gets pinched even more causing the headaches and jaw pain. So I ended up with a shot in my head. But this time, he actually explained every thing and walked me through all of the details so I knew why I was getting a shot in my head. When he told me that the shot can give me relief for three months, I was sold. The shot didn’t hurt that bad. It felt more weird than anything and I have no neurologic effects from it at all, e.g. no grogginess or pain. So in a couple days we shall see what goes on! He also put me on a daily migraine preventative for which the main side effects is . . . you guessed it! Weight gain. Lovely. He said very few people experienced the weight gain but just wanted me to know. So hopefully I’ll have good news to report in a couple days!

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