Feel Like Dancing!

For the first time I can tell a positive difference after this morning’s chiropractic adjustment! (And I really hope that this post doesn’t jinx it!) And I got called a “star patient” by my rheumatologist yesterday! As a spoonie, you always necessarily feel that way so its nice to hear warm fuzzies every once and awhile.

Hopefully the good feeling sticks around after work so I can take a nice walk with Abby before dinner!


I love hearing from you!

  1. Yay! What great news. I’ve been a strong believer in chiropractic since I twisted my ankle over 20 years ago. He fixed when the docs told me it was fine but I knew somehting was wrong. Over the course of 20+ years I have had a lot of good chiropractors and three phenomenal ones. They are invaluable when you find a great one.