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I Am An Endo Warrior

Coming up this weekend will be the 8 year anniversary of my endometriosis diagnosis. Little did I know the pain that it would cause me to endure but at the same time little did I know that the doors that it would open and the amazing people I would get to meet in the process.

Since I am still soaking up the sun in Florida (well I hope that its sunny), I wanted to share with you some of the articles I have written as the endometriosis writer for The Fight Like a Girl Club!

When the Doctor Says Its Endometriosis

Taming the Endo Monster

The Unspoken Side Effect of Endometriosis

Preparing For Surgery

When A Hysterectomy Isn’t A Cure


I hope you enjoy!

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2 comments on “I Am An Endo Warrior

  1. Jessica says:

    Fight on!!!

    Hope you’re having fun down here in Fla! I’ll be in Orlando the first week of Oct for the “Not So Scary Halloween” at the Magic Kingdom and the “Wine & Food Fest” at Epcot.

    • Jamee says:

      They had the “Not So Scary Halloween” parties while we were there! If Abby had been a little older we may have splurged on the ticket! Our trip was amazing! Can’t wait to share all the details!


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