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HAWMC Day 16 – Choosing Health


Day 16 of the HAWMC features one of my favorite ways to pass the time: Pinterest! We were instructed to look at our board with a health focus (or create one) and share 3 things we have added to our board.

I have created a board called Making Healthier Choices – the magic word being choices. I’ve realized that regardless of whatever situation we can find ourselves in, we can make a choice of how we respond to it. For example, I love running. I miss running terribly but right now its not in the cards because of my hip pain. So I can make a choice: 1-Choose to walk to keep myself moving and active for when the day comes to run again; or 2- Do nothing and be miserable about it. Its all about choices and it is decisions like these that I’m done taking for granted or taking the easy way out. I’m ready to step up! It also gets me revved up for Sharing Our Spoons on May 1!


Pin #1 speaks for itself:

You are more than your weightvia Operation Beautiful

Pin #2: Because anything is better than nothing!

Doing anything is  better than doing nothingvia Peace-Love-Run

Pin 3: We are warriors

I am strong & worthyvia Your Life, Your Way


If you had to pick three things/phrases/pictures about your health journey, what would you choose?

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