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Burst into Summer Check-in #1

Burst Into Summer Challenge

Its time for check-in #1 for the Burst into Summer Challenge over at the Sisterhood!

This week’s mini-challenge was water consumption. I didn’t get off to a great start but definitely made some big changes the last two days! I bought a new water bottle that has a dial to track refills to keep you motivated to keep drinking! The best part is that now Abby is asking for water to drink! Score!

Because of the pain and flare, I haven’t been able to join in the bootcamp class or any exercising. Merely walking during the day is a workout at the moment. The substitute meds haven’t been working and the endo flare has me extremely bloated. All of my measurements are exactly the same except for my waist which is up almost an inch thanks to bloat. Fabulous. But I’m not changing my stats for that since I know it will go down in a couple days.

But I did hop on the scale and it said….


I lost 0.8lbs which isn’t much but a great start in the right direction! If I keep up the water and keep ditching the soda, hopefully I’ll see the number drop even more!


So here are my stats:

Starting Stats:

Weight: 135

Chest: 34″

Waist: 27″

Hips: 37″

Bicep: 11.5″



Weight: 134.2

Chest: 34″

Waist: 27″

Hips: 37″

Bicep: 11.5″


Change: -0.8lbs/no inches

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2 comments on “Burst into Summer Check-in #1

  1. Brooke says:

    no worries though, right? over the missed workouts. sucks, but it sounds like it couldn’t be helped – so definitely nothing to feel badly about.

  2. Missy says:

    Well it still sounds like a good start, especially since you are sort of limited in what you can do right now.
    Keep it up! 🙂


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