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My Day in Photos – Life with Chronic Illness

Last Wednesday I decided to haul my camera around and do a “day in my life” post in pictures! Once I looked back at the pictures, I feel pretty lousy that my day seems so boring!

My Typical Morning
My morning starts off with putting in my eyeballs and taking my morning dose of meds! Next is the beautifying which includes a simple makeup routine. This particular morning I decided to straighten my hair and try out “hair chalking.” The results are a little hard to see (I used a light pink, purple, and blue) but it was a nice little mid-week pickup. Next time around, I would start with wet hair if I wanted a more intense color.
Getting Abby ready for School
Next came waking Sleepy Beauty! This particular morning she happened to wake up with a smile! Kinky Curly Knot Today is our morning miracle worker in adding moisture and working out the knots from my wild sleeper. She was attempting to give the dogs their morning hugs but they weren’t cooperating too well!
My Work Routine
Then it was off to work after dropping Abby off at school! My life planner always accompanies me and today I was happy to carry my gorgeous Rose Tote for my camera! My breakfast of champions include a Coke and a Zone bar. Next you can see my current work station (my position is getting ready to change) with my lovely Fight Like a Girl hoodie to combat my hot/cold flashes. The last picture is our “guest” that made an appearance in our office bathroom. YIKES.
My Evening Routine
Unfortunately you are reading that clock right and I did, in fact, crawl into bed at 5:22. Life with chronic illness. John and Abby were at church so I crawled into bed and working on updating my blog while watching Ghost Hunters International. Chloe and Charlie were happy to keep my company. My nights end pretty much the same as my mornings with a handful of my medications.
You can be honest…is that the most boring day you’ve ever read about?

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8 comments on “My Day in Photos – Life with Chronic Illness

  1. trininista says:

    awwww…the little one is so cute. But girlfriend, Coke and a Zone bar? lol.

    • Jamee says:

      I know, I know! I definitely need to up my breakfast game don’t I? I need to find something healthier but also quick and gluten-free!

  2. That sounds exactly like my day, lots of being in bed, sleeping, and meds. Day in and day out and i get so bored too 🙁

  3. Anna Popescu says:

    Um, no, this is not THE most boring day because it looks a lot like mine and I didn’t think mine was boring, lol! Seriously, I no longer have children at home and cannot work outside my home, but I can relate to all the meds and going to bed so early. Sadly, this is my “new normal” too.

    Oh, by the way your daughter is so sweet and I can totally relate to the kinky curls — I’ve had them my whole life! AND I’ve spent probably the last 50-some years of my life straightening it out any way I can. These days that means huge velcro rollers and that’s such a pretty sight… NOT!

    I hope your week goes well, Jamee, and things get turned around about your incision. I’m praying for wisdom for your doctor and peace for you: “You will keep him [her] in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he [she] trusts in You. –Is 26:3


    • Jamee says:

      Thank you for letting me know I’m not boring! I see so many of these “day in my life” posts that include fancy meals and crafts that I wonder if I’m interesting at all! LOL 🙂 Thank you for the verse! I’m so looking forward to seeing my dr tomorrow (she’s my favorite)!

  4. cheryl says:

    love not being the only non-senior with a pill sorter. i’d seen them for like $8 and refused to invest but truly changed my world (sad but true) when i found an AM/PM weekly in an 88 cents bin!!

    • Jamee says:

      I used to have a bigger more “old-lady” one (seriously it was 8″ x 10″) so I was excited to downgrade to this one 🙂 If I didn’t have my pill sorter, I would never remember my doses!


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