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What I Would Like To Learn

The prompt for Day 3 of National Blog Post Month started with the statement, “I don’t know about this, but I’d like to.” Having battled chronic illness for over nine years now, I would like to think I am pretty well-versed and am proud of the researcher I have become in efforts to leave no stone unturned when it comes to possible treatments. I also recognize that there is still so much left to learn!

I have never been against natural or alternative treatments for chronic illness. I have seen a chiropractor for chronic pain and a physical therapists for endometriosis. I checked out various herbs and supplements when we were going through fertility treatments.

While I have done some initial research in these areas, I feel like this is an area where I need to spend more time researching. I am not expecting a magic cure by any means but I do think there are possible avenues that may be worth checking out.

I am totally a newbie at this so if you have any recommendations on books or websites that you think I may find helpful, please let me know!

What is one area of health that you do not feel like you know a lot about but would like to learn?

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I love hearing from you!

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