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If I Could Only Keep 1 . . .

As a part of my new life moving forward, I am tired of setting my own expectations too high and constantly feel like I am letting the world down as a result. Instead I want to focus on doing the things I love which includes letting other women with chronic illness know that they are not alone, they are loved,  they are beautiful, and they are total badasses and should walk with their heads high.

My favorite way to celebrate my own badass-ery is through having fun with my makeup and style.

If someone was going to take my entire makeup collection away and I had to choose one of my favorite makeup products to keep from each category, I would choose:


If I Could Only Choose One Pt 1

1- Becca Backlight Priming Filter ~ $38

This primer does a fabulous job of blurring imperfections and creates a luminous canvas for your foundation. I like the “healthy glow” this primer creates, especially if I am wearing a more matte foundation.

2- Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation ~ $6.97

This foundation is incredible and so, so affordable. It has the perfect amount of coverage without being too heavy or cakey and wears perfectly all day long. Rimmel has recently released a ‘breathable” version of this foundation but I hope that doesn’t mean this version is being discontinued because it is stellar! If you see it in this packaging, grab it!

3- Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer & Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer ~ $29 & $8.99

These two products are a match made in concealer heaven for under the eyes. I use the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in the Brightener shade which is a pinkish shade to counteract the dark circles and then use the Urban Decay to create a smooth under eye.

4- Maybelline Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder ~ $7.99

I have tried so many powders for under my eyes but this one is something special. The powder is very finely milled so sets my concealer perfectly and keeps it from creasing all day. My favorite way to apply it is with a damp beauty sponge.


If I Could Only Choose One Pt 2

5- Wet N Wild MegaGlo Contouring Palette ~ $4.99

I’m not big into contouring so this palette by Wet N Wild is perfect for when I am looking for a little more definition. The contour powder is the perfect shade and the highlight powder works great to brighten the under eye. I use the shade Dulche De Leche which has a more pink highlight powder but they do have a warmer, more yellow shade available (Caramel Toffee).

6- Physcians Formula Butter Bronzer ~ $14.99

This bronzer is hyped up all over social media for good reason. The shade is perfect, the formula blends fantastic on the skin and the smell is absolutely heavenly. It smells like summer in a compact.

7- Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso ~ $7.99

This is another product that is hyped up on social media for good reason. This shade is absolutely divine. It is the perfect peachy-pink to work on just about every skin tone and it goes along with just about every look under the sun. Plus the price is great and it is available just about everywhere!

8- Laura Geller Baked Balance-n-Brighten ~ $33

This powder is amazing for balancing your complexion, setting your foundation and adding a little bit of coverage. The swirled pigments of the powder really do a great job of doing just what the product name says it will do and it doesn’t leave your skin looking powdery or cakey.


If I Could Only Choose One Pt 3 

9- Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Highlighter ~ $28

This product hasn’t been out long but it has quickly rose through the ranks to become one of my favorites. It is seriously a shade that somehow magically works on every single skin tone. Every. Single. One. How? I have absolutely no idea but somehow it does. Because I am so fair, I have a very hard time finding a golden highlighter that is not only light enough but also not too warm/yellow. The formula is also stellar and although it is a powder, it is very creamy. Although this is high end, it still isn’t crazy expensive and is worth every penny. I really hope they make this permanent.

10- Milani Make It Last Setting Spray ~ $9.99

When I first started getting into makeup, affordable setting sprays were difficult to find but thankfully the drugstore market has caught up. Setting sprays can perform different functions. Some focus on melding your makeup together. Others focus on making your skin more dewy. Others focus on adding lasting time to your makeup look and this one from Milani is one of those. This spray does a great job of setting and really locking in your makeup and the mister on this spray is perfect.

11- Milani Color Statement Matte Lipstick ~$6

If I had to narrow my traditional lipstick formula down to one, it would have to be the Milani Color Statement Matte. The formula is matte but it is still creamy, comfortable, and wears beautifully. The line is very affordable (and often on sale) and has a wide variety of shades. If I had to narrow it down to just one lipstick, it would be Matte Naked which is the absolute best nude for fair skin.

12- Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Lip Color ~ $9.49

Something that I love more than a matte lip color is a long lasting lip color but the tough part is finding one that is comfortable and doesn’t dry your lips out like the Sahara. Maybelline got it right with this one. The formula is comfortable, wears evenly, and lasts until you scrub it off.  The color range is also fantastic. If I had to choose one shade, I would go with Ruler. Loyalist would be a close second.

13- Milani Color Statement Lipliner ~ $5

Maybe its just me but lipliner isn’t something I feel you need to spend a lot of money on. There are plenty of great formulas at really affordable prices. Milani has a great formula with the necessary shades at only $5. Can’t beat that.


If I Could Only Choose One Pt 4

14- Milani Eyeshadow Primer ~ $6

I have tried out several different kinds of eyeshadow primers and always end up coming back to this one. It does a great job at providing a smooth canvas for shadows and helps lock it in for all day wear. A little goes a long way and you can’t beat the price.

15- Lorac Mega Pro 4 ~ $59

Of all the different eyeshadow formulas I have tried, Lorac shadows have to be my absolute favorite. They are so creamy and buttery. I have several different Lorac palettes but I chose this one because it has the widest variety of colors. Also, even with its variety of shades, it is still cohesive. Some large palettes just look like a bunch of colors thrown together but this one doesn’t. I love that for the most part it is a cooler toned palette which has been rare these days in eyeshadow palettes. I also like traveling with it as even though it is large, it isn’t bulky.

16- Colourpop Super Shock Shadows ~ $5

This may be considered cheating but I am adding in my favorite single eyeshadows and my favorite liquid/creatm eyeshadows. Colourpop by far has my favorite single eyeshadow formula with their super shock shadows. They are almost creamy in their formulation. The metallic shadows are absolutely heavenly. Just pat them on the lid with your finger and watch magic happen.

17- Butter London Glazen Eye Gloss – $24

Like the Colourpop shadows, these eye glosses also have a very unique formula. Although it is a cream, it almost feels like a gel. There is most definitely a learning curve but once you figure it out, the glittery goodness makes it worth it.

18- Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Boosting Eyeliner & Serum ~ $10.99

I don’t know about its serum or “boosting” properties but this is my absolute favorite eyeliner. I could not figure out how to do winged eyeliner until I tried this one. The brush tip is perfect for creating the wing and the formula is nice and rich (however you must be sure to pick up the Ultra Black not the Black). I always stock up when there is a sale as it is a must-have in my collection.

19- NYX Micro Brow Pencil & Brow Mascara ~ $10.99 & $6.99

NYX has a ton of great products but they are really on their brow game. They have many great formulas at great prices. My two favorites are their micro brow pencil and their brow mascara. The brow pencil is nice and thin which allows you to create more natural brow strokes to fill in your brows and the mascara/gel formula holds your brows in place all day long. You don’t need to spend a lot of money when you can find great products at affordable prices.

20- L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara ~ $9.99

This mascara is well on its way to having its own cult following on social media since its release. The brush and formula is perfection if are looking for rich volume. Its a dry formula to start with so it does try out quicker than some other mascaras but it is worth it!


There are the 20 of my favorite makeup products that I would keep in my makeup collection if I was only allowed to keep 1 item out of every category! I could definitely get by but I will be the first to admit that I enjoy having a variety of items to play with 🙂

What are some of your favorite makeup products in your collection?

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my dream behind chronic style

Where i came up with Chronic Style

Chronic Style has slowly developed over the last few years but in 2018, it will become a major piece of A New Kind of Normal. I wanted to have a catchy name for any posts that referenced anything style, beauty, or fashion related (which didn’t happen very often). There was a phase in blogging history a few years ago where link-ups were everything and memes were a close second and they always had these great, catchy names. If was easy, if you weren’t careful, to be participating in a different link-up/meme every day and not post any real content but it was out of participating and creating these posts that I decided that I needed to come up with a name.

The first major style related link-up that I can remember participating in that really impacted both my blogging and me personally was What I Wore Wednesday over at The Pleated Poppy. This was Lindsey (the creators) mission behind created What I Wore Wednesday aka WIWW:

welcome to “what i wore” at the pleated poppy!  share with me your fashion posts and we can inspire each other!  i started this originally as motivation to get out of my daily uniform of jammies or sweats, but now i am encouraged and held accountable to put a few extra minutes aside for myself and try new things.  i’d love for you to join me!

I was still working at the time and at the office I felt like I was wearing the same thing all the time but specifically outside of work, I felt like I lived in the same uniform (which oddly enough I didn’t have to wear at work but created for myself in my personal life). I lived in jeans and Old Navy t-shirts. I remember writing this post way back in 2010 where I was searching for my own sense of style. Shortly after I discovered What I Wore Wednesday and began to think, what if I am not the only one struggling with this? What if I am not the only spoonie trying to figure out how to balance being comfortable and maintaining a personal style?

The dream of Chronic Style was born. It has developed slowly, especially the first several years as I just added in posts here and there but if you have noticed, the posts have become more frequent over the last year or two as I have begun to figure out for myself what my personal style is and how to start to create some kind of balance.

As I stated in my 2018 goals, Chronic Style will become a staple feature here at A New Kind of Normal. It even has its own logo for future content:

Chronic Style Post Header

I love the tagline “reclaiming the confidence we were born to rock” as that is the main mission behind the series. To quote what I said on my welcome back post:

A main goal focuses on reclaiming our confidence. Makeup doesn’t make me feel beautiful, it makes me feel confident. It gives me an avenue through which I can express my creativity. I can feel feminine. I can feel edgy. I can feel both. I want for each of one of us to find an avenue through which we can all reclaim this confidence. I want us to feel good about our bodies and feel spunky, sassy, sexy, fierce, creative, bold, audacious, unique, and on and on. I want that for all of us. Each and every one of us deserve to feel like the most rockin’ chick on the planet.

Do you get as pumped up reading that as I do? I sure hope so!

Some possible post options for the Chronic Style series include:

  • Monthly Makeup Baskets
  • Makeup/Style Hauls
  • What I Wore Wednesday or Outfits of the Day/Week
  • Style Lookbooks
  • Makeup Tutorials
  • Makeup/product Reviews
  • Fashion/Style Wishlists

These are just some basic options.

What I would LOVE to hear is what kind of things you guys would like to see and read from this series! Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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Welcome Back To A New Kind of Normal!

A New Kind of Normal Relaunch

Words cannot describe how excited I am to say, “Welcome back to A New Kind of Normal!!!”

It has been way, way too long since I have had a chance to really sit down and write and – excuse my French – damn it feels good! 2017 has a hell of a year all the way around and I am so glad that it is OV-ER and a new year is upon us! I have so, so much to tell you and so, so many things that I want to see accomplished this year but I am learning to embrace moderation to avoid burnout.

I am sorry that this post is so short but so far I have been working on this blog for 8 hours straight! You will be seeing a lot of sawdust as the site is still under construction! I know you saw the Maintenance sign up but what can I say, I am a girl that changes her mind and I just have so many ideas that I want to put into action and I just didn’t want to wait any longer!


A New Kind of Normal has always been focused on changing the lives of those with chronic illness and encouraging the to choose hope and joy despite chronic illness and to live boldly in spite of it. This will continue to be the driving force behind it but this year the focus will narrow in on reconnecting to our bodies in a positive way and reclaiming our confidence. When you have chronic illness, it can be difficult to maintain a positive view of your body when you feel like it has betrayed you. If I had a dollar for every time I ever said “My body hates me,” I would be living on a tropical island. I hate feeling this way and I know that I am not alone that is why I am hoping to change my way of thinking. Scratch that – that is what I am hoping to change our way of thinking.


Along with reconnecting, let’s talk about the reclaiming. My family makes statements all the time about my love of makeup as an attempt to feel beautiful when it couldn’t be farther from the truth. I don’t need makeup to be beautiful. God stitched me together piece by piece and He called me beautiful so I can feel beautiful in a glamorous wedding gown or a hospital gown or in full glam makeup with false eyelashes, the whole nine yards or not a stitch of makeup. Now that we have laid that to rest, let’s get to the real reason why I love makeup so much.

The second half of this goal focuses on reclaiming our confidence. Makeup doesn’t make me feel beautiful, it makes me feel confident. It gives me an avenue through which I can express my creativity. I can feel feminine. I can feel edgy. I can feel both. I want for each of one of us to find an avenue through which we can all reclaim this confidence. I want us to feel good about our bodies and feel spunky, sassy, sexy, fierce, creative, bold, audacious, unique, and on and on. I want that for all of us. Each and every one of us deserve to feel like the most rockin’ chick on the planet.

This is what I want for A New Kind of Normal. This new mission statements reads:

to create a community of rebel hearts living boldly to smash through the limitations that chronic illness has tried to build around them with a fierce beauty and confidence all their own.

The five things that I want a reader to feel while she is reading my blog is connected, empowered, inspired, creative, and confident.

Reading these five words get me so excited that my husband is honestly giving me weird looks.

This is just a small taste of what is to come! I cannot wait to finish telling out everything that I have planned for A New Kind of Normal but that will have to wait until tomorrow!