I Have A First Grader: First Day of School 2015

I have absolutely no idea how that is even possible that Monday was the first day of school which meant that I had a first grader. People always told me that time will fly by when I had a child but I never believed them. I do now.

To mark how grown up she was now that she was going into first grade, she decided she wanted to get her ears pierced (we let her make the decision). She didn’t even shed a tear. I did when I saw how much the earrings she picked out were but they were Elsa and I wanted to make it a special day so we went for it.

So with newly pierced ears and a new Jasmine backpack, Abby set off for her first day of school and headed down the first grade hall.

First Day of First Grade


In addition to the morning shots, after school we decided to head over to a nearby field and catch some quick shots with this adorable floral suitcase I stumbled upon at Dollar General. As soon as I saw it, photo ideas started running through my brain!

Of course, once I turned on the camera, she turned on the charm:


She was a little more anxious this year on her first day of school than last year but that quickly passed and she has been totally rocking it ever since. She’s been blowing through sight word lists like a rockstar (the goal is 1 a week and she has done 4 already). I’m a proud mama, what can I say?

I think its going to be an awesome year and there will so many fun memories ahead! I will end the post with this bit of cuteness – the progression of her first days of school from PreK to 1st grade (quick someone pass me some tissues!):



I hope you all are having an amazing and pain free day! Talk to you soon!

Happy Birthday Charlie!

It is unbelievable to look back at my first Dear Charlie post and know that we were celebrating her 10th birthday when that post went live and now she is 14. FOURTEEN!! How does time go so quickly?

To be 14, Charlie remains fairly active and healthy! Arthritis is definitely starting to set in so there are some days she is more stiff than others so we may need to help her up the back steps. Her vision is starting to get a little cloudy but her hearing is sharp. She doesn’t play with toys like she used to but she still wrestles and plays with Chloe on a daily basis. She is still very much my shadow and follows me from room to room. She is still very much a big part of our family and still our very special girl!

Since 14 is a pretty big milestone is dog years, Abby wanted to make sure that we threw her a birthday party. Not just any birthday party, it had to be a Frozen birthday party so we went to work planning. Since Abby had a Frozen theme party this year, decorating was easy and I was able to pull out of of the leftover party supplies.

There was, however, one special item we needed to shop for online. I was trying to decide if I wanted to get something like a doggy t-shirt or something along those lines for the party and then I discovered the adorable doggy tutus made by Sweet Cheeks on Etsy. She made a custom Frozen-inspired tutu for Charlie and I almost died from the cuteness when it came in. I highly recommend checking this shop out.

Once we had the decorations and attire ready to go, I took Abby shopping at PetSmart to find her a special gift. Since Charlie really isn’t into playing with toys anymore, she decided she wanted to get her a new collar and some special treats. It didn’t take long to pick out a collar after she found one that was had a bow on it and was named the Abby collar.

Friday was finally party night! We made Charlie’s favorite meal (hot dogs), donned party hats, and sang “Happy Birthday.” Charlie has always gotten excited over new collars or bandanas so she was happy to model her new collar. Charlie and Chloe enjoyed Frosty Paws while we munched on decorated sugar cookies.

Happy Birthday Charlie

Happy Birthday Charlie


It was a very, very fun family night and hopefully we will be enjoying #15 next year!


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