Your feedback is needed please!

There are some changes coming to A New Kind of Normal!  Including a brand spankin’ new design!  Courtesy of the lovely April Showers Blog Design of course!  So as I’m gearing up for that, I would love to have some input on some other changes that can be made here at A New Kind of Normal that will best benefit the people most important to me, YOU!  So if you would take just a minute or two to fill out this quick little survey for me I would greatly appreciate it!  Thank you loves!

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2 comments on “Your feedback is needed please!

  1. Baffled says:

    I just did your survey. Love your blog and I read it daily. I noticed a question on fast food tips and wanted to let you know about another blog I started called Fast Foodie which contains fast simple GF foods: We can always cohost it if you would like to guest blog on it.


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