Who doesn’t love a great giveaway?

My girl April over at April Showers Blog Designs is hosting a giveaway!  She is the genius behind my current design and will also be revamping it for WordPress!  You have got to head over there.  Wait.  Don’t go.  Then it would hurt my chances of winning!  But seriously, the team over there is crazy talented!  Their services include blog design (duh) as well as matching etsy banners, twitter backgrounds, and business cards!  The giveaway includes a complete blog design for FREE for either Blogger or WordPress.  Did I mention FREE?  Retail value is between $160-$300!  In order to enter, you must link up your blog post about the giveaway between July 8 and July 10.  The giveaway ends at 11:59pm pm on July 11 and the winner will be announcement Monday morning July 12! Really, you should go check it out!  But seriously let me win!  K?

I love hearing from you!