Type A Conference Class Recaps


I really hope you enjoyed the recap posts yesterday covering all the fun and memories of Type A Conference! Today’s post will cover recaps from specific classes or keynote speakers! You will definitely want to bookmark (or pin!) these posts for great references!


Mil Spouse Bloggers – Taking Over the World with Google+

Harnessing Your Power

Honesty And Truly – Harnessing Your Power

Why We Still Blog

Honest and Truly – Why We Still Blog

Good Girl Gone Redneck – Why We Blog Reflections

Hey Y’all – Why Blog?

Butterscotch Sundae – Why should I keep blogging?

GoodenessGracious – Authenticity Matters

Blog Design & Coding

Honest and Truly – Blog Design: You Can Make It Beautiful

Honest and Truly – Blog Coding

Blog Design: You Can Make It Beautiful – Conference Presentation


Honest and Truly – Vlogging for Blogger: From Keyboard to Camcorder

Facebook Pages

Butterscotch Sundae – Notes from Making the Most of Your Facebook Page

I hope you have found these posts beneficial! I know I have! Type A 2013 or bust!

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