Sick toddler = no time for blogging!

Sorry for the brief hiatus but I’ve had a very sick little girl since Wednesday which has left very little time for basically anything else. I finally got a shower this evening for the first time since Thursday! She has a nasty ear infection and we are still fighting the fever and pain. She has been VERY clingy and currently the only thing that makes her smile is Finding Nemo or The Incredibles so its a good thing that Daddy and I like Disney/Pixar! I’ve had Inception rented for several days and haven’t gotten around to watching it yet. Maybe tonight if I’m lucky! Hopefully the drugs will kick in tomorrow and I can get back into posting as I am several posts behind for my 11 in 2011! Hope to chat more soon!

I love hearing from you!

  1. Hey I hope your little girl is feeling better!
    We went through this last week with pneumonia and it was no fun. I love the new design of the blog very cute!!!