My very first vlog!

I can’t believe that I finally did it!  Amazing what the chance for a Fit Bloggin’ 11 Conference ticket will do for you!

(don’t laugh too hard at my accent!)

10 comments on “My very first vlog!

  1. Bari says:

    Great job on your first vlog! As of right now, we all have a 20% chance of winning the grand prize-those are pretty good odds! Good Luck!

  2. AnnG says:

    Your vlog is great! and I love your accent!!

  3. Thea @ Shrinking Jeans says:

    I, for one, like your accent!! LOL!

  4. Kirsten says:

    Congrats on your first vlog! You did great! I’m the only fool that couldn’t get audio to work on my vlog, so I had to add music! 🙂 Good luck!

  5. Khara says:

    You’re a beautiful woman. Good luck! Hope you get it!

  6. Judy Jeute says:

    Great job on your first vlog. I was so nervous when I did mine!!! I think your accent sets you apart and sounds great. Good luck!


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