2013 Blogging Goals – Check-in #1

Is anyone else completely floored that it is already February and one month of 2013 is already gone? It feels like I blinked and the month of January was over! I’m not a huge fan of winter so you won’t find me complaining about the fact that each passing day is one day closer to warmer weather! My toes are longing for freedom 🙂

Since I set out to become more goal conscious this year, I wanted to take a moment and check in to see how I am doing on my blogging goals for 2013!

  1. Post at least 3 times a week. With the exception of last week, I’ve done pretty good at this! Last week I was recovering from a respiratory infection, nursing a severely pulled chest muscle, and fighting my asthma (for the first time in years) so I’ll give myself a pass. I did a lot of work outside of blog posts preparing for the 2nd annual Blogging For Endometriosis Awareness campaign as well so I’m proud of myself thus far.
  2. Read & COMMENT on at least 3 blogs a day. Definitely making much more of an effort to leave comments! Being able to read blogs on my mobile device (whether my phone or tablet) is really handy but it has made me lazy since I am rarely reading a post on the blog itself so I had become lazy in actually clicking over from Google Reader to the blog post to leave a comment. Anyone else struggle with this? But I am really working on it. I know how much it makes me smile to see a comment on a post I have really put my heart into so hopefully taking an extra minute or two and let the writer know how appreciative I am of his or her writing helps make them smile too!
  3. Guest blog at least 3 times throughout the year. Keeping my eyes open for opportunities!
  4. Feature at least 3 new guest bloggers here at A New Kind of Normal this year. I just sent an email a few minutes ago lining up a guest writer for next month and have a couple of others I’m talking to! Hopefully I will have the opportunity be a hostess to many more than three guests this year!
  5. Organize & complete the 2nd annual Blogging for Endometriosis Awareness campaign. In progress and I am SO excited! Check out this post for details!
  6. Grow blog stats by 20%. I need to revisit algebra and figure out how to calculate my total growth percentage but overall for the month of January all of my numbers grew! Not by leaps and bounds but steady and I’m more than thankful and honored that people continue to visit (and hopefully read) here at A New Kind of Normal! I have been so blessed by this community that I hope to continue to share the love for years to come!
  7. Attend Type A Conference in Atlanta in September! Still on the calendar but I’m hoping for a roommate to help save on expenses! Since we are considering disability, I am looking to save on costs wherever I can so if you are going and looking for a roomie (or know someone who is) please let me know!
  8. Follow through the book Mom Blog SEO by the awesome Kelby CarrI haven’t started this yet as I’m finishing up Simple Blogging by Rachel Meeks! Definitely recommend it! Definitely a great way to start off the year inspired!
  9. Have head shots taken! We are hoping to have family pictures taken next month. Should I work in a couple of head shots during this family session or have a complete separate shoot and make it more of a “me” day?

How are you doing with your 2013 goals so far?


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5 comments on “2013 Blogging Goals – Check-in #1

  1. Diane says:

    Head Shots…you should have a “you” day. Just for fun. Plus your daughter will only last so long through a photo shoot. And it’s fun to get all dressed up and pretty twice. 🙂

  2. Diane says:

    Also, I just made a folder in my phone of the blogs I follow so I can just click their link to their blog easily to comment. 🙂

  3. I’m in admiration of your blogging goals – yeah for you!

    If you want to guest post on my blog you would be VERY welcome (hint, hint!), I was just thinking the other day about that 🙂 – get in touch if you are interested.


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