Thank you God!

God’s timing is so amazing sometimes!  As you can see from my previous post I was feeling pretty down today.  Work was stressful and pain levels were high.  But God is always faithful to pick us up when we are down!  And always at the perfect time!  When I got out of class I found out that our nursery bedding had arrived so that gave me something fun to look forward to when I got home (see the picture!)!  And then we got a call from our social worker!  Our homestudy starts FRIDAY!!!  If my hips weren’t hurting so bad I would have pulled a Tom Cruise and started jumping up and down on the couch!  God knew exactly what I needed (as usual) and I feel so refreshed!  While it is often difficult to see past the pain, when I remained focused on Him my perspective is automatically changed.  Thank you God for being so good!

I love hearing from you!

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