Pain, pain, go away

come again another day . . . actually . . . don’t come again another day. The past couple days have been pretty rough. Utter exhaustion has been plaguing me and I have been dealing with alot of muscule and joint pain. I almost feel like I did with endo which makes me want to cry. This can’t be happening again! I feel very defeated as if the pain comes back full force, what am I to do next? I don’t think I can spare any more organs and I don’t have any specialists to see that I haven’t already seen! I feel like I seem to go in circles.

I do have two good things to report: 1) we sent in the last of our paperwork so the “paper chase” is over and we’re on to the homestudy (which makes me want to go on an all out cleaning spree–which I would hate to think of how I will feel when that is over); and 2) we ordered our nursery bedding! We finally found a gender neutral bedding that we both loved and was affordable!

I love hearing from you!

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