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Had a dream

Over the past couple days I’ve been feeling very down concerning all of our TTC troubles. We are in the process of our 2nd IUI but I just worry that it will never work. I know we have pretty severe MFI so I know that IVF w/ ICSI would be the best option but I just don’t know how I feel about IVF plus its so expensive. DH and I really have a heart for adoption and would love to adopt even if we end up with biological children. So with all of this weighing so heavy on my heart this weekend, I had a dream last night that DH and I went through the adoption process and finally had a child. In the dream it was so refreshing and peaceful. I wonder if God is trying to tell me something. As crappy as I’ve felt lately health-wise, its really made me question a lot of things. I have so much to talk to John about when he comes home!

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