Ask Me Anything: Adoption Edition

Since we’ve adoption, we get a lot of questions. Some sincere. Some curious. And of course some flat out rude. We knew it would come with the territory. I think had we not gone through adoption and I saw our family, I would have questions too. Maybe you do too so here’s your chance to ask me anything! You can ask about the process itself (the ups and downs, what is involved, why we chose private adoption, infertility and adoption, etc) or life post-adoption. We get a lot of questions about having an open-adoption so I am willing to discuss any questions that you have (just not anything of a personal nature of Abby’s birthmother).

So what do you have for me? Questions will be answered next Thursday!

4 comments on “Ask Me Anything: Adoption Edition

  1. Judy Jeute says:

    Actually, my story is a bit different…we have just adopted my oldest son’s best friend, so we are starting at a much later age. My question to you is how do you plan on dealing with the family history questions in a medical emergency? Our new son has a cleft pallet that I am now in charge of trying to get fixed, and I have already come across many q’s I don’t know the answer to. It gets a little hairy to say the least.

  2. Suz B says:

    Are you planning to adopt again? If yes, when? Through the same place? If no, what are some of the reasons holding you back?
    Abby is so cute!!

  3. Ryan (The Woven Moments) says:

    We adopted our 2nd daughter from the foster care system. I get the most hilariously awful question. My favorite is when people know I’ve adopted and they see BOTH of my girls together. “Are they sisters?”

    Uhhhh….. yes. Yes they are.

    What’s the best/worst question you’ve ever gotten? And what was your response?

  4. emily @ the happy home says:

    how are you thinking of approaching the “why do i look different” question? or the questions that come from people who don’t understand not having your “own” kids?

    i want kids, but have lupus, and don’t think i can handle having bio kids. i love the idea of giving kids who need a home a place to grow up safely and loved. but, living in LA, i’m afraid i’ll be received as a bourgeois, angelina jolie knockoff. also, my FIL is pretty conservative, and i don’t think he’d understand being perfectly in love with a baby that didn’t come from my own body…


I love hearing from you!

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