Lunch With A Mentor

It has been setting on my Sharing Our Spoons goal list for the last two months but I finally got it scheduled and had lunch with my seminary adviser and mentor last week. God totally had a hand in the timing as it could have not come at a more perfect time. Last week was hard. Extremely hard. … Continue reading

Our Disney on Ice Experience

It is no secret that I absolutely love Disney and love passing my love for Disney onto my daughter! Our visit to Disney World last year was absolutely magical and Abby still talks about it so when I found out that Disney on Ice was coming to our area, I immediately started shopping for tickets! We … Continue reading

SOS Community: Meet Betsy

Welcome to the first edition of Sharing Our Spoons Community! Every other week, A New Kind of Normal will host a new guest who will share a bit about his or her journey with chronic illness! It will not only be a great way to meet others in our community but also a great way to learn a thing or … Continue reading

Choosing Hope vs Facing Reality

Friday I found myself in a difficult place after my appointment with pain specialist. Since my initial diagnosis, my focus has always been on choosing hope despite chronic illness in order to keep myself in a positive mindset but there are times where this is proving to be more difficult. At my … Continue reading