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Ask Me Anything Blogging Questions – Answered

Last week I decided to celebrate my 5 year blogoversary by opening up an Ask Me Anything post and gathering your questions about blogging (and other areas of life). Thank you so much to everyone who left a comment!

Now on with the questions:

Brooke asked:

1- How do you get out of a blogging rut? Great question! I have been there so many times! One suggestion is to read other blogs. Not to copy posts but sometimes they can help get your wheels turning. Another great option is to utilize Pinterest! There are tons of pins that include post ideas! You can take a look at my blogging pin board for ideas! Another great choice is to take the Content Brew class offered by MomComm! During this course pick up so many great tools on planning content and creating a content calendar for months in advance!

2-do you ever get disappointed if a blog doesn’t get as many comments as you feel it deserves? There are definitely days where I get discouraged when traffic is low. Especially when its a post I’ve really put my heart and soul into. I also get discouraged knowing that I’ve put five years into my blog when I see someone who has three times the traffic and they have been blogging four months. The numbers game can steal the joy of blogging if you aren’t careful. I often have to step back and remind myself of the perks of having a smaller blog, like having the opportunity to know a lot of my readers on a personal basis. I also came to the understanding that being a patient blogger, my content is directed towards a certain demographic instead of a “mommy blogger” where her content will be directed to a wider audience.

3-If NCIS never existed, what would your favorite show be? I was a die-hard CSI fan for the first eight seasons but once Grissom left I lost track which also happens to be around the time I noticed NCIS so if Gibbs had not come in the picture, I maybe would have kept up with CSI.

Cheryl asked:

How do you keep on keeping on when it feels like the body’s winning? This is a tough one. I have most definitely struggled with this one both in blogging and in all areas of life. I think what it has come down to is cutting myself some slack and giving myself a little grace. If I am exhausted (either mentally or physically or both) instead of pulling out a half-thought out post because I feel like I have to post, I cut myself some slack and tell myself that skipping posting all together is better than throwing crap up. I’ve also come to the same place at home as well. I would rather skip cleaning for a day if the choice comes down to spending all my energy cleaning and then not spend time with my family or skipping cleaning and use that energy for family time.  Does that make sense?

Katie asked:

What do you suggest is the best way to start conversation with someone with a chronic illness? In your comment you stated that “How are you?’ was out as a conversation started but I would have to disagree. I think its a fine way to start a conversation as long as you are will to hear something more than “fine” and are genuinely concerned about his or her response. Its the times that “How are you?” becomes an automated response that it can be a problem. I know that I’ve been asked “How are you?” before and responded “awful” or something similar and gotten the generic “that’s good” without a second thought and that hurts because it shows a lack of concern. You also mentioned starting with a compliment and the only warning I would have there is to avoid anything along the lines of “you don’t look sick.” I think the main thing to note is that most people with chronic illness are people first and wanted to be treated as such.  Rest Ministries (which is a great ministry) has some great references such as When A Friend Has a Chronic Illness: What to Say, How to Help as well as 52 Ways to Encourage a Chronically Ill Friend. Hope you find these useful!

Thank you everyone for taking time to leave your questions! I love doing these types of posts! If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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Ask Me Anything: Celebrating Five Years of Blogging (Late)

With my *exciting* summer, I totally missed my FIVE year blogoversary (July 7th)! I was hoping to do a big blowout bash with all the bells and whistles as I mean, come on, five years in the blogging world is a big deal, right? Right?

Unfortunately sometimes the best of intentions never follow through and with the chaos of multiple hospitalizations, recovery, and the chaos that ensued, I completely blanked on the five year celebration. Completely blanked. As in didn’t realized it had passed until this week. Oops.

So I decided to combine one of my favorite types of posts – Ask Me Anything – and have a mini-celebration as well!

Now as a disclaimer, I am far, far from a blogging expert but I do hope I’ve learned a thing or two in the last five years so I would love to open up the floor to try to answer any of your questions you have about blogging! If I cannot provide an answer, I will work to help find one!

I will collect questions all week and then next Tuesday I’ll post my answers to your questions!

Five Years of Blogging Fun

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My Hair Hurts: Dealing With Tactile Allodynia & Fibromyalgia

My Hair Hurts: Dealing With Tactile Allodynia

I mentioned in one of my recent posts about my fibromyalgia flare that seems to have been hanging around since my most recent discharge from the hospital. A lot of the abdominal pain, and even pelvic pain, has largely subsided recently but the constant joint pressure and hypersensitivity have made it difficult to enjoy the new-found freedom from some of my other issues.

I think explaining joint pain to others is pretty routine. Most people are at least familiar with arthritis so drawing a pain parallel between the two seems to end with an understanding nod of acknowledgment from the other party. To say that your entire body feels bruised? That your sheets feel like sandpaper? Or eve crazier – your hair hurts? That’s a different story.

The medical term for this sensitivity to touch is tactile allodynia and in my personal experience, it has become one of my most frustrating symptoms of fibromyalgia. Early in my diagnosis, it only surfaced sparingly yet as time as passed on, it has become a more recent visitor. It has been hanging out since my discharge which would make this my longest flare with this symptom specifically.

I think one of the most frustrating things about it is that I have found little that helps the pain and irritation go away. There are times where the breeze of the fan against my skin feels like a thousand needles. Sometimes the pressure of sitting or laying down feels like my skin is covered in bruises. Other times it seems that my skin is crawling with ants.

The pain and frustration have reduced me to a heap of tears on more than one occasion in the last three weeks. Heat and keeping my skin covered have been the only two things that have seemed to help but given the heat and humidity that accompany summer in the south its not very fun. I have often wondered if  could bath in Lidocaine gel in order to ease the symptoms.

But You Don't Look Sick

Let’s get this conversation started – do you deal with tactile allodynia (with or without the presence of fibromyaliga)? Find support from others in the comments section & be sure to add yours as well!


P.S. Be sure to stop by the follow up post Allodynia: The Pain No One Sees to check out five treatment options that may be able to provide you some relief from your hypersensitivity.