An Update From 518

I am back in the hospital. I met with my surgeon yesterday morning and he sent me for a CT scan which ended up showing a partial bowel obstruction so I was admitted right away. Thankfully this morning's X-ray showed that it was starting to clear but the more crucial question is why its happening. … Continue reading

Pulling It Together

Today marks 6 weeks since my surgery. SIX WEEKS. On one hand, it feels like forever since I have been at work and had a shred of a "normal" life. On the other hand, it feels like yesterday that I was discharged from the hospital. So I've decided the next six weeks are going to be spent … Continue reading

Sharing Our Spoons

“Sharing Our Spoons” will be a weekly link-up where you are able to find support and encouragement to focus on your entire health. Not just physical but all of you. For this link-up you will be able to choose holistic goals to help you achieve optimal health. The five goals include: … Continue reading

Type A Conference Class Recaps

I really hope you enjoyed the recap posts yesterday covering all the fun and memories of Type A Conference! Today's post will cover recaps from specific classes or keynote speakers! You will definitely want to bookmark (or pin!) these posts for great references! Google+ Mil Spouse Bloggers - … Continue reading