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Blogging for Endometriosis

The kick-off to Endometriosis Awareness Month is right around the corner! A group of bloggers and myself would love for you to join in with us to help spread education and awareness regarding endometriosis! With 5.5 million women in North America alone being affected, there is a good chance that you know someone battling this often unrelenting disease.


To kick the month off, March 1st will be Yellow Shirt Day so sport your yellow loud & proud on Thursday! We would love to see social media turn yellow! We will hold a linkup here on Thursday for those who want to participate so we can be sure to stop by your blog and say thanks! If you don’t want to change your entire avatar, you can add an endometriosis awareness twibbon & we would be just as grateful!


Throughout the month of March, we will also be hosting a blog carnival with each week having a different topic to help share your story and experiences with endo to help create awareness as well as support and encouragement for our fellow endo warriors!


Here are the topics:

Week of March 5th: Physical impact that endometriosis has had on your life

Week of March 12th: Mental impact that endo has had on your life.

Week of March 19th: Fertility issues (if any) related to endo

Week of March 26th: Things that you have found helpful with endo or that have allow you to cope in spite of illness


You can also grab the Blogging for Endometriosis button to the right for your sidebar or posts! The more we can spread the yellow love the better!


Be sure to come back on Thursday and help up kick off Endo Awareness Month with a bang!

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Worth It All

This has been a hard week for me in terms of dealing with my infertility struggles. Usually I can keep a pretty good grip on my emotions when friends or family announce their pregnancies as I really am happy for them. I wouldn’t wish infertility on anyone so I am happy to see them excited about their new addition on the way.


Yet in the midst of the excitement for them, I feel an all to familiar pain in my heart as for a moment my mind flashes back to the negative pregnancy tests, fertility procedures, and finally sobbing in my doctor’s office as we discuss a hysterectomy. For a moment, I acknowledge  that loss and allow myself to grieve. I allow the tears to flow and lift a prayer up to God asking for peace and comfort.


It is then that my thoughts turn to my beautiful daughter that I am so incredibly blessed to be called her mommy. It is then that I remember the day we got the phone call and my husband walked into my office with pink roses and announced we had a daughter. It is then I remember how it feels when she hugs me around the neck and says, “I love you Mommy!”


It is then that I realize it was worth it all.

My beautiful cowgirl


A Somber Road Trip

This is my first-ever blog post from the car! Don’t worry, I’m not driving 🙂

We are on the road north to Virginia to be with my family. My grandma is still in the hospital after her stroke on Monday. The doctors have done everything they could medically. She cannot speak but does respond and recognize her family. She has lost strength on her right side but her left side is strong. Doctors have said that her recovery will be a marathon not a
sprint. The part we worry about is the blockage that caused her first stroke will likely cause a second one. It could be next week or next year. We just don’t know and that part is hard. My grandpa is having a really hard time. They have been married 55 years and he has cried to the doctors and nurses to take care of her as she was his angel and his baby.

If you have a spare moment this weekend, my family could definitely use some prayer for my family both healthwise and for safe travels as we are going to spend some time with grandma.