My Post-Op Lifesavers

This recovery has been tough. I know the recovery from my hysterectomy was rough too and it definitely took a full 6 weeks to remotely feel normal but it seems like my brain has forgotten the details of that recovery making this one feel worse even though the two are probably very similar. No … Continue reading

Infertle vs Sterile

Once you cross the bridge into the world of infertility you can never go back. It is almost as if you are marked with the letters IF using a hot brand. Time may pass and the wound may begin to heal. The scar may even start to fade a little but it is always there. There seems to be this idea out … Continue reading

Favorite Fall Fashions for 2011

I won't be linking up with What I Wore Wednesdays this week as I am sure that you guys don't want to see pictures of my extremely fashionable nightshirts since that is all I have worn since getting home from the hospital. Oh and the unkempt hair and glasses make me super-hot so I would hate to make … Continue reading

A Gluten-Free Patient

It seemed that the hospital staff seemed to miss two very important words when I was admitted to the hospital following my surgery last week: Celiac disease. Since surgery was bright and early, I was in my room before lunch. Even though I was on a liquid diet, I knew something wasn't right. Sitting … Continue reading

Surgery #5 Recap

When my alarm went off at 5am on August 12th, I was already awake. In fact, I'm not sure I dozed that night for more than 15 minutes at a time. I was exhausted. I drug myself out of bed without a fight because I wanted to get the day over with. Within 25 minutes we were out the door. Abby was still … Continue reading