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Treatment Update

I am now halfway through my course of chiropractic treatments based on the initial exam. X-rays revealed two areas of misalignment as well as areas of fixation in the tailbone region. Most of this issues are probably the result of scar tissue so we are doing ultrasound therapy in addition to adjustments.

The first week was really rough as I felt like I had been beaten with a jack hammer after every visit but thankfully that has subsided. The SI and tailbone pain has greatly eased up and I finally feel like exercising again! Once this cold subsides in the next day or two, I plan on hopping back on the fitness wagon which will include C25k and bootcamp workouts. I’ve gained 8lbs since the start of the year and I am NOT happy about it. I can’t seem to find the balance between obsessing about the number on the scale and not caring at all and eating whatever I want. Now I know why everyone complains about the maintenance phase of weight loss! We’re joining the YMCA once we get our taxes back which will help keep me active. Our Y also has a water park so once it warms up planning to spend a lot of time in a bathing suit should keep me on point too (and help me hit my goal to be a hot mom at Disney!).

All in all, I think opting for chiropractic treatment was a good decision. I definitely feel better, especially when I remember to take all of my meds. We started balance training today so I’m interested to see how that works out! It was definitely a financial sacrifice (we had to pay for entire course of treatment upfront) but I think it will be worth every penny!

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What I’m Loving Wednesday!


1 – NASCAR is officially back in season! Now I love my rock and my ink but racing is my “redneck flaw”. . . lol. Since the season is on, I will spend my Sunday afternoons (and occassionally a Saturday night) cheering for this hottie (and he is just as gorgeous in person):

Jeff GordonBut I will also be cheering for this rookie who just so happened to win his 1st ever Daytona 500 on his first try at the ripe age of a day over 20!


2. Chocolate Chex! I finally found it and it is yummy! So glad that the number of gluten-free cereals is expanding! I read online that Kelloggs is finally making Rice Krispies gluten-free which is very exciting!

chocolate chex

3. My new planner from! I have a hard time choosing a planner as I’m really picky but I love love love this one! Its super cute and so easy to use! Thanks to Jen at IHeartOrganizing for introducing me to her site! And just to drop a little hint – Jen will be guest posting on Saturday here at ANKON!

4. Spring clothes! The weather has been such a tease lately! The last couple days, the temp has hovered around 70 and it has been gorgeous! I cannot wait for the temps to actually stay in the 70s so I can break out cute clothes like this adorable top from Old Navy:

Old Navy Top

What are you loving this Wednesday?

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Surgery Nightmare

Why is it that when you are sick and have trouble sleeping that you have the most bizarre and crazy dreams when you actually get to sleep?

This weekend I had a crazy surgery dream. I was headed in for a D&C. Why I was having a D&C when I have no uterus is beyond me but anyway that is what I remember the doctor referring to my surgery as in my dream. So I head into the city for surgery. I thought it was Atlanta but I was staying at the Westin (not a shabby place to shack up before surgery!)  so maybe I was having surgery in Charlotte.

The time comes for preop and the doctor I’m meeting with was someone I took CPE with last spring. I remember asking for details about the procedure considering I don’t have any female organs left but she said that they were just going to give me a good “cleaning out.”

So surgery time came and I was put under anesthesia. Well my body was – my mind wasn’t. So I could feel everything but couldn’t let the doctors know that I could. You know when you carve a pumpkin and you have to scrap the sides of the inside to make sure you get all the yuck out? That is what they were doing during surgery in my dream. It was like I could hear the scraping sound from pumpkin carving. It was insane.

Needless to say I woke up in a cold sweat. I have no idea what brought on the dream. I remember in Anatomy class reading an article about a woman who woke up during surgery which scarred me for life but I think the fact that my dad woke up too soon during his recent cataract surgery (oops on the anesthesiologist’s part) might have played a role. Regardless of the reason, I was completely freaked out and I still can’t shake the whole pumpkin carving image. *Shudders* Yuck.

Do you have weird dreams? Ever had one that you couldn’t shake for days?