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Monday Project – Spring Fling Challenge

The Monday ProjectThis week our Monday Project only requires us to answer a simple fill in the blank question:

I (your preferred exercise) because ____________.

I will overcome my almost type A/borderline perfectionist tendencies to overachieve and just simply fill in the blank (not type one big huge run-on sentence or essay).

I pink puffy heart boot camp fitness because it reminds me how strong I am.

weight loss

Wednesday Weigh-in #4 – Spring Fling Challenge

With my recent flare, I was NOT looking forward to hopping on the scale this morning.  Because of my pain, I have not been able to exercise for the past week.  My diet has been ok but my physical activity has been lacking.

Thankfully, I received a pleasant surprise!  153.6!  So I am down 1.2 from last week!  Thankfully last week’s gain was short-lived!

I’ve started my new IC med (and am actually getting ready to head back to the doctor for a quick procedure to hopefully bring some immediate relief) so hopefully I’ll be able to start working out again soon!  I’m still waiting on a call about my referral to a new GI doc.

Here are my stats:

Starting weight: 164.4

Challenge Starting weight: 156.8
Challenge Goal:  148.0

Last week’s weigh-in:  154.8
Today’s weigh-in:  153.6
Change:  -1.2

Change for Challenge: -3.2
Overall Change: -10.8