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Top 10 Thursday a day late (sorry!)

Top 10 Reasons why I hate Menopause:

1. My mood swings faster than any amusement park ride.

2. I cannot find a deodorant that seems to work with my body for more than a week.

3. I get so hot while trying to blow dry my hair that it ends up damp from sweat again by the time I’m through.

4. My hair itself has also gone through the change of life and has a complete mind of its own.

5. Said hair keeps falling out.

6. I get strange looks from old ladies when I’m fanning myself from hot flashes while out in public.

7. My body thinks I’m too old to have any *ahem* fun.

8. I cannot carry a dainty pretty pillbox. Instead I have to use a train case to haul my pills and supplements.

9. Everyone at my pharmacy knows me by name and they don’t even have to ask what my birthday is anymore.

10. And lastly (but the most sucky) is having common pregnancy symptoms (bloating, nausea, etc) but never have a shot of it being real.

just for fun

Website Wednesday – Ebates.com

When dealing with chronic illness there are days where energy is scarce so online shopping can be very helpful. But if you are like me funds can be limited (I mean, hello, with a $50 copay for Savella what else can I afford?!). To help with both issues, check out ebates.com! It is an online shopping mall with over 1200 stores that offers online rebates and coupons! It is almost like you get paid to shop! For example, when shopping online at Target, by using ebates you can earn 4% cash back. Drugstore.com earns 6% cash back. Snapfish.com is a whopping 10%! You can choose to have them send you a check or deposit the funds into your paypal account. If you are interested in a referral, you can use my email address jmiller2 at gardner-webb dot edu (you don’t necessarily need a referral but it earns you $5 right off the bat!). Happy Shopping!

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Savella Day 14

So far so good on Savella. The nausea from moving up to the full dose has went away (thank you God!). I can actually climb stairs without my legs feeling like they are falling completely off. I am hoping to start Couch to 5k tomorrow (fingers crossed!). I got my prescription called in today but of course since its a new medicine they don’t keep it stocked so it will be delivered tomorrow (so those who are looking to possibly start it don’t let your sample run out before you order your prescription just in case your pharmacy doesn’t stock it either!).

I have battled pretty bad joint pain today (the Savella has helped my deep muscle pain primarily). Of course it could be that my daughter has boycotted sleep on Sunday nights for the last six weeks so I know that when I do not sleep, the pain gets worse. The humidity also went up today so maybe my barometer-self was just predicting the weather.

I had my weigh-in for WW this morning and I was down 1.2 pounds! Woo-hoo! Just a tip for those needing help pacing your meal (since just about every weight loss or diet manual you read states that the slower you eat the more easily your brain will recognize you are full) – feed a child! I swear when I try to feed Abby while I am trying to eat my own dinner, I eat considerably less! Hopefully this is a trend that will continue!